Saturday, September 8, 2012

Great Designs for Shaped Beads

The Choice is Yours

We can go into a grocery store and marvel at the many different choices of lettuce.  One is enticed with arugula, cobb, boston, little gems, mesclum, mizuna, purslane, and the ubiquitous iceberg dressed in its see through garment.

The selection of cheeses offer a myriad of olfactory sensations emanating from american, gouda, blue cheese, swiss, parmigiana, goat, cheddar, ricotta, brie, etc.

Jams and jellies, by-products of fruits from all over the world, line the shelves in profusion.  The colors and selections are overwhelming.

“Great Designs for Shaped Beads,” is similar to a grocery store.  In this book, we are introduced to a multitude of choices to savor and consider for our favorite creative endeavors.  No longer do we direct our thoughts to “round” beads, much like “iceberg and American.”  Tilas, peanuts, and dagger beads whet our appetite for new and interesting challenges.

In my opinion, this book could have been called “Rachel Ray at Her Best.”  The projects are fun and the finished dish, whether worn on the arm, wrist, or finger, are enticing.  The many shapes, colors, and styles of these beads are conducive to a wonderful creative adventure as we experience page after page of this inviting new shaped beads “cookbook.”   


  1. Loved your comparison of this book with one by Rachel Ray. I found the tasty tidbits about the use of these special beads very appetizing. I will definitely be adding this to my bead book collection.
    Alice (

    This book sounds interesting and may just enable me to try beaded crochet.

  3. I love beads and this book sounds interesting.